May 30 • 58M

Exploring the Good vs. Evil Binary in Post Mormon Life

We have a conversation about the language that built the binary and what we are doing to move forward in healthier ways

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Ashmae Hoiland (she/her)
Building a life beyond Mormonism is hard to do alone. This podcast is meant to serve as a means to see and understand how other people are navigating this new wilderness. Each episode will feature someone who has experienced leaving Mormonism behind. Together we will talk through the topics of the book chapters. Like the book, this isn't a how-to guide, just some humans trying traversing new lands together.

The wild thing about growing up in a religion like Mormonism is that while so many of us can claim similar experiences, our interpretation and the specifics vary so much. Our family of origin, where we grew up, leaders, our dispositions to certain ideas and not others, all affect the way we both lived inside of Mormonism, and the way we go about moving on and building outside of that framework.

Lindsey has been a dear friend and someone I’ve learned from since college. We shared a room one summer and I think have known that we valued and loved talking these ideas since then.

The podcast going forward will look similar to what it has been already, a conversation that is curious in nature, not claiming specific truths or prescribing ways of moving beyond Mormonism. Turns out, carrying a big project feels so much more manageable and fun with someone next to you. So Lindsey will be hosting with me from now on. We’ll have a variety of guests and topics. Our main goal is to help contextualize some of the things that don’t serve us anymore and talk about ideas and ways to help us re-define our values outside of a strict religious setting.

Lindsey is brilliant, thoughtful and so well-read. I’m so excited she will be joining.

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